Church of the Dormition of the Virgin, Boboshtice, Korce


Προτεινόμενοι Προορισμοί:


The village of Boboshticë is located at a distance of about ten kilometers south of Korça. It is known for its natural wealth, historical and cultural treasures, traditional cuisine and agricultural products, as well as for its many and beautiful churches.
On a hilltop, at the southern tip of the main road of the village, is located the Monastery of the Dormition of the Virgin. The exact date of construction of the first temple is not preserved, but it is probable that there was a monastery complex with a presence of about a century in this area. A small building, part of the monastic cells, survived from the old monastery, which, during the time of political upheavals, a period of persecution of Christians, was used as a warehouse, as well as the katholikon, a single-aisled basilica, was used as a cattle stable.
We know from sources that in the old temple there were two phases of construction. The older phase included the apse of the Sanctuary and a part of the north wall, about 1.5 meters high. Later, on the existing elements, the perimeter walls were built and a three-pitched roof with a small shed at the western entrance was constructed. The temple did not have particular architectural elements. The construction of the walls of the second phase was poorly done and there were serious damages to the load-bearing elements of the roof, which created a danger for the collapse of the building.

The Church of the Dormition of the Virgin is one of the first places of religious worship that began to operate after the collapse of the communist regime in 1990. For its reopening, in the years 2005 and 2006, the old cells were demolished and a new four-storey building was built for the same use, accommodation and reception areas, a chapel of daily services and a space for mechanical installations.
In 2014, the old church was demolished, but the apse of the Sanctuary was preserved, to be integrated in the new katholikon, in the center of the monastery, with the work to be completed in 2019. The new temple is triconch, domed cruciforme roof, a bell tower attached to the west wall and a perimeter stoa, the north side of which ends in the apse of the old church. The fencing of the courtyard of the Monastery was made of stone and an independent bell tower of twelve meters was placed near the entrance gate of the monastery. The areas, around the perimeter of the complex, belong to the Monastery, and are developed as an external fenced yard around the inner stone.
On the day of the feast of the Dormition of the Virgin Mary, on the 15th of August, there is a great traditional festival, with the participation of many christians from all over the country.



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